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VSOs can assist Veterans in
obtaining both state and
federal benefits, employment
opportunities, and financial
assistance. Some VSOs are
chartered and/or approved and
recognized by the VA
Secretary for the purpose of
preparation, presentation and
prosecution of claims under
laws administered by the
Department of Veterans Affairs
(DVA). Wyoming has many
VSOs who sponsor Veteran services, including community activities,
youth and patriotic programs. These are mainly the American Legion
(TAL), Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and the Veterans of
Foreign Wars (VFW). These organizations employ service officers
who provide assistance to Veterans and their families. As a Veterans
advocate, service officers are a vital link in a complex and often
confusing VA claims processing system. Services by the VSOs are
provided at no cost to the Veteran or family member and they are not
required to be members of any Veterans organization. For more
information on nationwide VSOs, visit

Emergency Assistance
    x American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance: apply
         through local posts or call 307-634-3035.
    x The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Unmet Needs Program:
         apply through local posts or call 307-333-5975.
    x The VFW Operation Uplink Program (phone card program):
         apply through local posts.
    x The VFW Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the
         outstretched hand between the VFW and Active, Guard, and
         Reserve units. MAP offers grants to local VFW posts to
         sponsor military functions and for family readiness activities.
         Apply through local posts or call 307-333-5975.
    x VFW Financial Assistance is available for Veterans who have
         been discharged for more than three years. It is meant to
         provide Emergency Financial Assistance to pay for emergency
         bills of up to $500. Apply at a local post or by calling 307-333-
         5975 or visit

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