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The exemption applies to taxes on a Veteran’s primary
residence lowering the assessed value by $3,000. The $800
cap was removed in 2007. Veterans who reached the previous
cap have new eligibility and they should reapply for this
important benefit.

Applying exemption to vehicles
If the exemption is not used on property, it may be applied to a
vehicle’s licensing fee (not sales tax). More than one vehicle
may qualify, but the total exemption shall not exceed $90. The
vehicle(s) must be titled to the Veteran before qualifying.
Leased vehicles do not qualify.

See Wyoming Statute 39-13-105 for more information at

Hunting, Fishing, and Parks
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers a number of hunting
and fishing licenses to qualified Veterans. Applicants must provide a
letter from the VBA Regional Office certifying eligibility. Call 1-800-
842-1934 (in-state) or 307-777-4600 (out-of-state) for specific
requirements and application information or visit the Cheyenne
Headquarters or one of the Department Regional Offices located in
Casper, Cody, Green River, Jackson, Lander, Laramie, Pinedale, or
Sheridan. Also, feel free to visit the Department’s website at

Hunter Safety for Military Veterans
Any active member, honorably discharged past member, or veteran of
the armed forces of the United States is exempt from the requirement
to provide or possess a certificate of competency and safety in the
use and handling of firearms. Those who meet these service
requirements must visit a Game and Fish Department Office with a
copy of documents verifying their service to obtain the necessary
validation in the Department’s licensing system.

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