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Property Tax Exemption
Property Tax Exemption
Apply at your County Assessor’s Office between January 1 and
the fourth Monday in May each year. A recent change to the law
allows for a streamlined renewal process. Once you provide
documentation to establish your initial eligibility, you may call
the County Assessor’s Office during this time period and renew
your exemption.
Who qualifies? Veterans must be residents of Wyoming three or
more years prior to claiming the tax exemption and must have a
DD Form 214 or equivalent from their branch of service.
Additionally, one of the following must apply:
• Served in the Armed Forces during:
• World War II (Dec. 7, 1941 – Dec. 31, 1946); or
• Korean War (June 27, 1950 – Jan. 31, 1955); or
• Vietnam War (Feb. 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975); or
• Must have served overseas during an armed conflict and
received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent;
• Be a disabled Veteran with a compensable service-
connected disability as certified by VA or a branch of the U.S.
Armed Forces. VA or DoD agency disability letter required.
• Be the surviving spouse of a qualifying Veteran who
resides in Wyoming and did not remarry.

Qualifying veterans are eligible for this benefit in the current tax
year if they are discharged after the 4th Monday in May and
apply to the County Assessor office during the current tax year.

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