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provides liaison to the Veterans Service Organizations department
and national service officers and VA Regional Office, in Cheyenne.

The department service officers for TAL and VFW, and the DAV
national service officer, who are located in Cheyenne, ensure the
Veterans who select them for representation have a strong voice
when interacting with the VA’s regional office. These are the only
organizations in Wyoming which can offer complete claims service to
the Veteran and their family. It is essential that with whomever you
start your claim; it should end up with one of these three organizations
as they can assist you with an appeal to the VA’s Board of Veterans
Appeals, if necessary.

When a Veteran signs the documents selecting one of the Veterans
Service Organizations to represent them, the organization becomes
the “attorney-in-fact”. The Veteran must abide by this relationship and
should make no decision without consulting their appointed service
officer first.

A Veteran may also choose to be represented by a VA accredited
attorney, at their own expense, in this process.

The VA’s regional office, in Cheyenne, operated by the Veterans
Benefit Administration, a major component of the VA, is the starting
point for all disability claims for Veterans residing in Wyoming.

Once the claim is filed with the VA, the Veteran will begin to receive
correspondence from the VA. This correspondence can be very
technical in nature and we recommend each Veteran consult with
their service officer before responding to the letters.

What happens when the VA does not make a decision in the
Veteran’s favor concerning a VA disability or pension claim? The
Veteran has the right to appeal that decision. This is an even more
technical process with very specific deadlines and actions. Veterans
must remain in very close contact with their service officer should they
decide to appeal the VA’s decision.

The Wyoming Veterans Commission recommends Veterans start
early and get help. Typically, a Veteran will file only one claim in their
lifetime, with possible follow up claims if the veteran’s condition

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