A high mobility artillery rocket system vehicle is loaded into a C-130 aircraft.

Army Guard Employment

Opportunities for Army National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Army National Guard Traditional Jobs

MOSJob DescriptionRankClosing Date
FA/13A/CommanderO5 Commander 2-300th JVAO53/2/2018
EN/12A/CommanderO3, 12A Commander 133rd EN CO JVAO33/7/2018
AV/67J/CommanderO4, 67J Commander G Co 2 211th AV JVAO43/7/2018
O1A/Mob Ops OfficerO3 Mob Ops Officer JFHQ JVAO33/17/2018
O1A/G3O6 G3 JFHQ JVAO63/17/2018
O1A/Policy OfficerO6 Policy Officer JFHQ JVAO63/17/2018



Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
18-033T32 DS Production Controller, FMS #5, Guernsey, WYGS-1152-0902/23/18
18-011T32 DS Public Affairs Specialist, WY ARNG PAO, Cheyenne, WYGS-1035-11/1202/26/18
18-032T32 DS Surface Maintenance Mechanic, FMS #4, Cheyenne, WYWG-5801-08/1002/26/18
18-A128RRB Commander, Cheyenne, WY (AGR INS)O-502/28/18
18-027T32 DS Allied Trades Worker, CSMS, Guernsey, WYWG-5801-0803/01/18
18-A127Joint Director of Military Support, Cheyenne, WY (INS AGR)O-503/07/18
18-A122AMENDED IST Coordinator, Cheyenne, WY (AGR JO)E-603/08/18
18-030T32 DS Logistics Management Specialist, DLOG, Cheyenne, WYGS-0346-0903/09/18
18-A101AMENDED Recruiting and Retention NCO (YEAR ROUND Nationwide Job Opportunity)E-609/30/18
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