Wyoming airmen stand at attention at a pass and review ceremony.

Air Guard Employment

Opportunities for Air National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Air National Guard Traditional Jobs

AFSCJob DescriptionMaximum GradeClosing Date
41A3153MDG, Medical Service Corps OfficerCommissioning Opportunity, O-526 FEB 2018
41A3153MDG, Medical Services Corps OfficerCommissioning Opportunity, O-429 FEB 2018
21R3153LRS, Logistics Readiness OfficerCommissioning Opportunity, O-412 MAR 2018
38F3153FSS, Force Support Officer Commissioning Opportunity, O-312 MAR 2018
17DXVaried Units, Cyber Operations OfficerCommissioning Opportunity, O-4Until Filled
1C100243ATCS, Chief Enlisted Manager E-9Until Filled
1C171243ATCS, Air Traffic Control Craftsman, E-7, multiple positions E-7Until Filled
1C191243ATCS, Air Traffic Control SuperintedentE-8Until Filled
1C8X1243ATCS, RADAR MaintenanceE-5Until Filled
1C8X2243ATCS, Airfield Systems MaintenanceE-5Until Filled
2A6X2153MXS, Aerospace Ground Equipment MechanicE-6Until Filled
2A6X4153MXS, Aircraft Fuel Systems MechanicE-6Until Filled
2A6X5153MXS, Aircraft Hydraulic Systems MechanicE-6Until Filled
2A6X6153MXS, Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems MechanicE-6Until Filled
2A7X2153MXS, NDI-Non Destructive InspectionE-5Until Filled
2A7X3153MXS, Aircraft Structural MaintenanceE-6Until Filled
2A8X1E153MXS, Aircraft Avionics Systems MechanicE-6Until Filled
2A8X2C153MXS, Aircraft Guidance Control Systems MechanicE-5Until Filled
2F051153LRS, Distriubtion NCOICE-5Until Filled
2F051153LRS, Fuels Distribution System WorkerE-5Until Filled
2F071153LRS, Facilities NCOICE-6Until Filled
2F071153 LRS, Fuels, Quality Assurance NCOICE-6Until Filled
2R1X1153MOF, Maintenance Production ManagerE-5Until Filled
2S0X1153LRS, Materials Handler, multiple positionsE-5Until Filled
2S0X1153LRS, Material ManagementE-5Until Filled
2T071153LRS, Freight SupervisorE-7Until Filled
2T171153LRS, Motor Vehicle Operations SupervisorE-8Until Filled
2T200153LRS, Air Trans ChiefE-9Until Filled
3D051243ATCS, Knowledge Operations ManagerE-5Until Filled
3D071153 CACS, Cyber Surety CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmissions Craftsman (0071011)E-7Until Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmissions Craftsman (0843976)E-7Until Filled
3D174153CF, Spectrum ManagementE-7Until Filled
3D190153CACS, Superintendent Cyber MaintenanceE-8Until Filled
3D190153CACS, Superintendent Cyber MaintenanceE-8Until Filled
3E072153CACS, Power Production CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3E271153 CES, Pavements Supervisor E-7Until Filled
3E371153CES, Structures Supervisor E-7Until Filled
3F171153FSS, Services CraftsmanE-6Until Filled
3F171153FSS, Services CraftsmanE-7Until Filled
3F151153FSS, Services JourneymanE-5Until Filled
3S271243ATCS, Education&Training ManagerE-7Until Filled
42G3153CACS, Physician AssistantO-4Until Filled
44F3153CACS, Family PhysicianCommissioning Opportunity, O-5Until Filled
8F000Various Units, First SergeantE-7Indefinite



Air National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
18-A31418-A314 Superintendent, Wing Inspections, E-8E-802/27/18
18-A30718-A307 (AMENDED) Cyber Transport Journeyman, E-5E-502/28/18
18-A31518-A315 Cyber Systems Operations Craftsman, E-7E-703/07/18
18-035T32 DS Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic, 153 LRS, Cheyenne, WYWG-5803-1003/12/18
18-A31118-A311 Administrative Support Technician, E-6E-603/12/18
18-A30318-A303 Communications Section Chief, E-7E-703/13/18
18-A31818-A318 Production Recruiter and Retainer, E-6E-603/19/18
18-A31618-A316 INS Administrative Assistant, E-8E-803/06/18
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