153rd Airlift Wing participates in simulated mass casualty exercise

Aug 17, 2017

On Aug. 11 a mass casualty exercise consisting of a possible aircraft mishap was held at the Wyoming Air National Guard’s 153rd Airlift Wing. The exercise brought together various agencies, including the 153rd’s fire department, the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base fire department, Laramie County fire and response, and American Medical Response.

During the exercise scenario, a simulated aircraft crash occurred resulting in multiple casualties. This scenario offered an opportunity to put into action the training first responders have received, in addition to offering exposure to the unique circumstances of an aircraft mishap with mass casualties.

Upon arriving on the scene, first responders were responsible for extinguishing the simulated fire, which included the use of real world firefighting gear. As this was happening, other firefighters started triaging those who survived.

This exercise presented uncommon obstacles and was designed to test the ability of the crisis action team, emergency operations center and incident commander’s ability to respond, mitigate, resolve and communicate during an aircraft mishap incident.

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“The mass casualty exercise will improve our ability to respond to a large incident on base,” said Maj. Eric Green, 153rd Airlift Wing plans and programs manager. “We are looking for areas to improve our processes, plans, and procedures to ensure we are ready to act if a real-world emergency were to occur.”

In all, the mass casualty exercise was a learning experience for the first responders and the wing as a whole.

“From this exercise we have learned that there are always areas that we can improve in and that we must not allow our plans and processes to become complacent,” Green said. “Continual evaluation is key to identifying areas of risk and areas in which we can improve.”

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