A high mobility artillery rocket system vehicle is loaded into a C-130 aircraft.

Army Guard Employment

Opportunities for Army National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Army National Guard Traditional Jobs

MOSJob DescriptionRankClosing Date
155E0/AVCW2-CW4 C12 Pilot, Cheyenne, WYCW2-CW406/30/2017
12A/ENO4, Plans and Services Officer, WY ARNG Training Center JVAO406/30/2017
12H3O17-115 SWVA 12H3O Y1FA1 S1JUL17E607/01/2017
13Z6O17-128 SWVA 13Z6O P2LAA S 2JUL17E907/02/2017
94P2O17-068 SWVA 94P2O X96AA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
46Q2O17-069 SWVA 46Q2O X9BAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
89A2O17-071 SWVA 89A2O Y2YA1 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
92F2O17-072 SWVA 92F2O Y2YA1 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
91C2O17-073 SWVA 91C2O Y2YA2 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
91E2O17-075 SWVA 91E2O Y2YA2 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
29E2O17-076 SWVA 29E2O Y2YAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
92M2O17-077 SWVA 92M2O Y2YAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
46A/Public AffairsO3, Commander, 197 PAD JVAO307/08/2017
25D5O17-025 SWVA 25D5O 8BUAA S 8JUL17E807/08/2017
25E3O17-038 SWVA 25E3O 8BUAA S8JUL17E607/08/2017
12M3O17-045 SWVA 12M3O 92VAA S8JUL17E607/08/2017
94M3O17-052 SWVA 94M3O Y2YA2 S8JUL17E607/08/2017
89B2O17-056 SWVA 89B2O 8BUA1 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
12M2O17-112 SWVA 12M2O 92VAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
89B2O17-057 SWVA 89B2O 8BUA1 S8JUL17E507/08/2017
25B3O17-116 SWVA 25B3O Y2YAA S8JUL17E607/08/2017
13F2O17-060 SWVA 13F2O P2LAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
13F2O17-061 SWVA 13F2O P2LAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
46Q2O17-064 SWVA 46Q2O P2LAA S8JUL17E507/08/2017
94P3O17-044 SWVA 94P3O 8GVAA S8JUL17(AMENDED)E607/08/2017
13F2O17-134 SWVA 13F2O P2LAA S16JUL17E507/16/2017
13R2O17-135 SWVA 13R2O P2LAA S16JUL17E507/16/2017
12W2O17-136 SWVA 12W2O 92VAA S16JUL17E507/16/2017
25U3O17-137 SWVA 25U3O P33T0 S16JUL17E607/16/2017
13M3O17-138 SWVA 13M3O P33B0 S16JUL17E607/16/2017
89B3O17-139 SWVA 89B3O 8BUA1 S16JUL17E607/16/2017
25D4O17-140 SWVA 25D4O P2LAA S16JUL17E707/16/2017



Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
17-070DS Supply Technician, USPFO Warehouse & SSA, Guernsey, WYGS-2005-0706/28/17
17-085DS Surface Maintenance Mechanic Inspector, FMS #1A, Sheridan, WYWG-5801-1106/27/17
17-086DS Cost Accountant, USPFO, Cheyenne, WYGS-0510-0907/05/17
17-089DS Aircraft Mechanic, AASF, Cheyenne, WYWG-8852-10/11/1207/12/17
17-A101Recruiting and Retention NCO, Year RoundE-609/30/17
17-A126AMENDED INS Supply NCO (A BTRY)E-607/06/17
17-A127Amended Training NCO (JO)E-607/13/17
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