A high mobility artillery rocket system vehicle is loaded into a C-130 aircraft.

Army Guard Employment

Opportunities for Army National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Army National Guard Traditional Jobs

MOSJob DescriptionRankClosing Date
Aviation Flight Selection Board2019 Flight AnnouncementOpen to all Eligible Applicants11/22/2017
88N4O17-029 SWVA 88N4O 8BUAA S31OCT17E710/31/2017
13M3O17-045 SWVA 12M3O 92VAA S31OCT17E610/31/2017
13F2O17-060 SWVA 13F2O P2LAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
94M3O17-052 SWVA 94M3O Y2YA2 S31OCT17E610/31/2017
13F2O17-061 SWVA 13F2O P2LAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
46Q2O17-064 SWVA 46Q2O P2LAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
46Q2O17-069 SWVA 46Q2O X9BAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
89A2O17-071 SWVA 89A2O Y2YA1 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
91C2O17-073 SWVA 91C2O Y2YA2 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
91E2O17-075 SWVA 91E2O Y2YA2 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
29E2O17-076 SWVA 29E2O Y2YAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
92M2O17-077 SWVA 92M2O Y2YAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
46R3O17-099SWVA 46R3O X9BAA S 31OCT17E610/31/2017
42Q2O17-104 SWVA 42Q2O X9BAA S 31OCT17E510/31/2017
12M2O17-112 SWVA 12M2O 92VAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
25B3O17-116 SWVA 25B3O Y2YAA S31OCT17E610/31/2017
12W2O17-118 SWVA 12W20 Y2FA1 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
11B2O17-141 SWVA 11B2O PUTC0 S 31OCT17E510/31/2017
13D3O17-147 SWVA 13D3O P2LAA S31OCT17E610/31/2017
74D2O17-149 SWVA 74D2O Y2FAA S 31OCT17E510/31/2017
88M2O17-150 SWVA 88M2O X96A1 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
92F2O17-151 SWVA 92F2O X96A1 S31OCT17E510/31/2017
94P2O17-153 SWVA 94P2O X96AA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
00F6O17-161 SWVA 00F6O 79DAA S14OCT17E910/14/2017
68X3O17-162 SWVA 68X3O 8C2AA S 14OCT17 CORRECTEDE610/14/2017
42A4O17-165 SWVA 42A4O 8BUAA S31OCT17E710/31/2017
12R2O17-166 SWVA 12R2O 92VAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
68X2O17-167 SWVA 68X2O P2LAA S31OCT17E510/31/2017
13M3O17-168 SWVA 13M3O P33A0 S31OCT17E610/31/2017
68W3O17-169 SWVA 68W3O 8C2AA S31OCT17E610/31/2017



Army National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
17-096DS Surface Maintenance Mechanic, FMS #5WG-5801-08/1009/22/17
17-115DS Human Resources Specialist (Military), DCSPER, Cheyenne, WYGS-0201-0909/25/17
17-117DS Human Resources Specialist (Military), DCSPER, Cheyenne, WYGS-0201-0909/25/17
17-130DS Traffic Management Specialist, USPFO, Cheyenne, WYGS-2130-1109/25/17
17-A134Training NCO, Laramie, WY (INS AGR)E-609/27/17
17-A101Recruiting and Retention NCO, Year RoundE-609/30/17
17-A140CBRN NCO, Cheyenne, WY (JO)E-510/18/17
17-120DS Contracting Specialist, USPFO, Cheyenne, WYGS-1102-1210/11/17
17-128DS Target Systems Repairer, Training Center, Guernsey, WYWG-2601-0810/13/17
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