Wyoming airmen stand at attention at a pass and review ceremony.

Air Guard Employment

Opportunities for Air National Guard traditional and full-time positions can be found below:

Air National Guard Traditional Jobs

AFSCJob DescriptionEnlisted/OfficerClosing Date
3E072243ATCS, Electrical Power ProductionEnlisted20FEB17
9G100153OG, SuperintendentEnlisted25FEB17
Any153FSS, Student Flight NCOICEnlisted01MAR17
C21A3153AMXS, Commander, Aircraft MaintenanceOfficer08MAR17
2A5X1153AMS, Aircraft MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A6X1H153MXS, Aircraft Engine Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A6X2153MXS, Aerospace Ground Equipment MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A6X4153MXS, Aircraft Fuel Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A6X5153MXS, Aircraft Hydraulic Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A6X6153MXS, Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A7X2153MXS, NDI-Non Destructive InspectionEnlistedUntil Filled
2A7X3153MXS, Aircraft Structural MaintenanceEnlistedUntil Filled
2A8X1E153MXS, Aircraft Avionics Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2A8X2C153MXS, Aircraft Guidance Control Systems MechanicEnlistedUntil Filled
2F071153LRS, Facilities NCOICEnlistedUntil Filled
2R1X1153MOF, Maintenance Production ManagerEnlistedUntil Filled
2T071153LRS, Freight SupervisorEnlistedUntil Filled
2T151153LRS, Motor Vehicle OperatorEnlistedUntil Filled
2T171153LRS, Motor Vehicle Operations SupervisorEnlistedUntil Filled
2T200153LRS, Air Trans Chief, 0991612, E-9, OUFEnlistedUntil Filled
2T390153CACS, Vehicle Maintenance SuperEnlistedUntil Filled
2T390153LRS, Vehicle Maintenance SuperintendentEnlistedUntil Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmissions Craftsman (0071011)EnlistedUnit Filled
3D173153CACS, RF Transmissions Craftsman (0843976)EnlistedUntil Filled
3D174153CF, Spectrum ManagementEnlistedUntil Filled
3D190153CACS, Superintendent Cyber MaintenanceEnlistedUntil Filled
3D190153CACS, Superintendent Cyber MaintenanceEnlistedUntil Filled
3E072153CACS, Power Production CraftsmanEnlistedUntil Filled
3E371153CES, Structures CraftsmanEnlistedUntil Filled
3M071153CACS, Services NCOICEnlistedUntil Filled
3P071153CACS, Security Forces CraftsmanEnlistedUntil Filled
42G3153CACS, Physician AssistantOfficerUntil Filled
44F3153CACS, Family PhysicianCommissioning Opportunity, O-5Until Filled
52R3153CACS, ChaplainCommissioning Opportunity, O-4Until Filled
8F000Various Units, First SergeantEnlistedIndefinite
11M3B153OG, PilotCommissioning Opportunity, O-4Indefinite
X46F3187AES, Flight NurseOfficerUntil Filled
X46F3187AES, Flight NurseOfficerUntil Filled
X46F3187AES, Flight NurseOfficerUntil Filled



Air National Guard Full-time Jobs

Announcement NumberJob DescriptionRank/GradeClosing Date
17-048Air Operations Officer (DS), 153 OG, Cheyenne, WYGS-2101-1402/21/17
17-A323Air Operations Officer, 153 Operations Group, Cheyenne, WYO-602/21/17
17-A321IT Specialist (Network CUSTSPT), 153 Communications Flight, Cheyenne, WYE-902/21/17
17-039DS Aircraft Survival Flight Equipment Repairer, 153 OSS, Cheyenne WYWG-4818-1003/01/17
17-A324Client Systems Craftsman, 153 Command and Control Squadron, Cheyenne, WYE-603/06/17
17-041DS Administrative Support Techncian, 153 FSS, Cheyenne WYGS-0303-0603/07/17
17-043DS Logistics Management Officer, 153 AMXS, Cheyenne WYGS-0346-1203/08/17
17-042DS IT Specialist (CUSTSPT), 153 CF, Cheyenne WYGS-2210-1103/14/17
17-046DS Supervisory IT Specialist (NETWORK/CUSTSPT), 153 CF, Cheyenne WYGS-2210-1103/14/17
17-040DS Quality Assurance Specialist, 153 MXG, Cheyenne WYGS-1910-09/1103/21/17
17-A301Production Recruiter and Retainer (YEAR ROUND), 153 FSS, Cheyenne, WYE-609/30/17
17-A305Security Forces Journeyman (YEAR ROUND), 153 Security Forces Squadron, Cheyenne, WYE-509/30/17
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